We're artists with expert skill.

At Terpene Experts, we blend terpenes to faithfully match the complex aromatic profiles of true flower. We also offer our own exclusive blends and the best custom profiling service out there.

Faithful Strains

Our faithful strains are an excellent alternative to buying isolates wholesale and blending them yourself. 

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Custom Profiling

We offer quality custom profiling, whether you want to defy nature or simply add your own twist to a faithful.

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Strain Departures

If you're looking for something unique, but aren't sure where to start, Oren has his own menu of bespoke blends.


Why choose us?

Lab reports are useful in verifying if the correct entourage effect is achieved, but they provide little to no assurance that your terpene blend will be faithful in aroma and taste. We proudly differentiate ourselves from our competitors by using science to strengthen art, not replace it.

Crafted with art. Backed by science.

Warning: Do not consume pure terpenes. Although terpenes are considered safe for consumption when properly diluted, they are volatile compounds in their pure form and should only be handled by professionals. Our terpene profiles are intended for use by manufacturers in their consumable and topical products. If you have any questions about handling our blends or mixing, please contact us.